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You’re the lead network administrator at an organization that designs and builds widgets. It’s a typical Monday afternoon and your boss, the CTO, calls you into their office.

“We have a problem. Our CEO just acquired a distribution company. No one knew this was coming, so now we have to work through the technology integration ASAP. Our CEO wants the two organization’s server and user environments to work together seamlessly. Luckily, I’ve been in touch with their CTO and they are using a Windows Server 2012 R2 environment, just like us. They have a single forest ( and a domain for each warehouse ( and We need a plan ASAP. Write up a proposal that I can submit to the other company’s CTO. I want to recommend the forest, domain, and trust relationships. Give me reasons for each recommendation. I want to drive this integration process from our side!”

Write a recommendation! 

NOTE: Since you’re the lead network administrator, you should know this… Your environment is a single forest and a single domain called Everything is 2012 R2, including the forest and domain functional levels. You can assume the other organization is also running 2012 R2 forest and domain levels.

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