The additional information I just posted is just pointers on how to respond to the scenario.



The additional information I just posted is just pointers on how to respond to the scenario.
Exactly 7 pages would be fine. please don't forget to use APA format. 
Here's some additional information that may help.

The key to writing a good paper is to let the questions in the prompt be your guide. To do a good job you need to read the prompt carefully – paragraph by paragraph – in order to identify all the legal issues. Most of the issues are based on what we have covered so far in class. As you read the prompt carefully, you will be able to recognize some of the issues relating to the subjects we have covered in class. Then you proceed to address each of the prompt’s questions. See some guidance relating to some of the questions below. 
The legal merits of Takem’s business practice. For this, you have to identify the legal issues regarding his business practice. Focus on each paragraph and identify the legal issues pertaining to that paragraph. Collate all the issues you have identified and decide the order in which you want to discuss them. For example, if you have identified enforceability of contract, formation of contract, debt collection practice, etc. as issues you want to discuss, you have to decide the order in which you want to write about them. For each issue, you have to lay out the law then follow it by analyzing – relating what the law says concerning a particular issue to the business practice of Takem. Identify the merits of Takem’s practice in relation to what the law requires. For example, if you identify enforceability of contract as an issue that needs to be addressed: you will need to state and discuss what that means legally and examine, by using the facts, whether Takem has met the requirements of the law. 

What Takem could do to protect himself in future. The best way to approach this is to review all the issues you have discussed in the first question and discuss what Takem should do, if any, to rectify any legal problems he may have concerning those issues and if there are no legal problems, so state.
*Also, proceed to address other questions regarding HDC, ethical/Christian worldview issues etc. 
The structure of your paper should comply with APA guidelines. Your paper should have a title page with appropriate running head, an abstract page, introduction, and substantive discussion with appropriate headings and conclusion. Your headings should comply with APA guidelines. See the link below for a sample paper. 

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