Creating a Cost Estimate Sheet Assignment



Creating a Cost Estimate Sheet 

Use the Running Case on page 305 of the textbook and the NPV-ROI Spreadsheet Template provided to complete the

following task for the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project. Prepare a cost model for the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project using the

following work breakdown structure (WBS) and assumptions. Assume a labor rate of $100/hour for the project manager and $60/hour for the other project team members. None of the work will be outsourced, labor costs for users are not included, and there will be no additional

hardware costs. Enter the estimated labor hours per each WBS section. The total estimate should be $200,000 with the total for

testing being approximately 10% of the total, the combined cost of the website design and development.


1.Project management

2.Requirements definition

3.Website design

3.1 Registration for recreational programs

3.2 Registration for classes and programs

3.3 Tracking system

3.4 Incentive System

4. Website development

4.1 Registration for recreational programs

4.2 Registration for classes and programs

4.3 Tracking system

4.4 Incentive system


6.Training, rollout, and support

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