Organizational Goals.



Q.1 If you were appointed the leader for a newly established team, describe how you would ensure that all

members of the team knew what they had to accomplish. 

Note - Here an example of (1);

1. define the team roles and functions in line with organisational goals, plans and objectives

Q.2 What strategies can you use, or have you seen in use, that are designed to actively encourage team

members to have input into planning, decision-making and the operations of a team? (100 words)

Note- The question wants you to give an "EXAMPLE or EXAMPLES of a strategy or strategies that encourages

the team to have input to the company’s future."

Q.3 How can quality, time and cost requirements be balanced? (100 words)

Q.4 Discuss the resource requirements of face-to-face training sessions relative to other types of

learning activities. In your answer, consider the factors that might lead an organization to adopt this

type of learning activity. (100 words)

Q. 5 you have been asked to develop a set of procedures for accessing the information on the system.

What would you include in the procedures?

Q.6 You have trained those who will use the system; however, when the implementation of the system

actually occurs it is found that the procedures taught in relation to inputting information do not work.

What process would you follow to address this problem? You should cite at least four steps.

Q.7 What is a system? What sorts of systems are found within an organization? (75 words)

Q.8 Your IM or KM system has been running for some time. You think that the organization should now be

collecting information about the system’s performance. Your colleagues disagree. They feel that the

system is supported by well-conceived policies and procedures that ensure satisfactory performance.

What would you say to them? (120–150 words)

Q.9 You have been asked to conduct some research and write a report that identifies the strengths and

limitations of the system. What aspects of the system would you need to consider when doing this?

Provide at least three examples.

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