Parental Kidnapping



1. Parental Kidnapping Read the article titled “ Daughters Stand By Father After His Sentencing” by Alexis Chiu. It tells the story of the Fagan parental kidnapping case that was headline news back in 1998 when Stephen Fagan was arrested for kidnapping his daughters and keeping them in Palm Beach, Florida, for almost 20 years. He took the children to Florida in violation of the custody orders when the children were only 2 and 5 years old, telling them that their mother had died in a car accident. Source: Daughters Stand By Father After His Sentencing: Chiu, A. Retrieved from Also, read an editorial about this case, titled “ The Father Was Always There for Them” by Ellen Goodman. Source: The Father Was Always There for Them: Goodman, A. Retrieved from,3383005 Now go to the Discussion and respond to the following: Do you agree with the editorial? What about editorial struck you either way? If you had been the judge in this case, how would you have ruled? Would you have given the same punishment? Lighter? Stiffer? Why?

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