Part Use of E-mail and Teleconference Technique for Communication

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chi 6) Part I. A Case Study Task (50 points)

You are asked to work on a new project with a group of co-workers; everyone in the group has already been notified about being assigned to this group and the project. Effective group communication is necessary for this project. You know who these people are, but you have not had much contact with them since they all work in different branches of the company, in different cities. Your supervisor has indicated:

You have the group communication role of initiator.

Most of the work can be done by emailing each other in order to coordinate tasks and provide and seek information.

The group can also use the company’s teleconference phone system for monthly updates when synchronous communication is needed.

Using the first three steps of the communication decision-making tool, DECIDE, write an email message (at least 2-3 paragraphs) to the group focusing on the following:

Initiating group communication so everyone effectively communicates with each other.

Initiate group communication about group communication norms for dealing with group communication roles and for dealing with effective interpersonal communication while using these communication technologies. (Specifically discuss tact, courtesy, and language adaptation that would be acceptable in workplace group communication.

Communication about what the group might need to know about possible advantages of communicating by the channels of email and in a teleconference.

Communication about what the group might need to know about possible disadvantages of communicating by the channels of email and in a teleconference.

Start discussions about possible interference with these two channels of communication and suggest how the group might reduce or eliminate these.

Part II. An Essay Question (50 points)

Write a reflective essay regarding your group communication decision-making utilized in the above email you wrote for the case study task. It is expected that you will integrate key terms and concepts from Lessons 1-5 in your essay answer. The essay answer should be at least three to four paragraphs and should include responses to the following questions:

What are the decisions you made for DECIDE: Step 1. Define goal, Step 2. Evaluate receiver / situation and Step 3. Create message before you wrote the email message to the group in the case study?

In addition to these decisions, what are questions you needed to ask yourself to ensure effective group communication by practicing anticipatory metacommunication, adaptive metacommunication, and reflective metacommunication?

Conclude your essay by explaining how the decisions you made and the metacommunication you practiced helped you write a message that should reduce the possibility of poor group communication among the group members.

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