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Florida’s SunPass

SunPass is the state of Florida’s automated toll collection system, similar to FAST LANE

on the Mass. Pike or EZPass throughout the northeast. The original designers had

significantly under planned the original system and it is now time to replace it with more

features and a higher capacity. The currently supported abilities that must continue to be


  •  Functional on over 1000 miles of toll roads throughout the state.
  •  Reads the three currently used transponder types.
  •  Supports and enforces full stop, 25mph, and full speed SunPass lanes.
  • Determines the size of vehicle and the number of wheels in order to compute the proper toll.
  •  Transponder displays current balance after passing through toll.
  •  Automatically replenishes the account with a credit card when a minimum balance

is reached.

 Customers can use the Internet to view transactions, replenish their accounts, and

modify account details.

 Matches photographed license plate to account and automatically deducts toll if

the transponder is not recognized.

 The transponder will have four types of audio/visual indications based upon current

account balance.

 Customers will be notified of a violation (SunPass not read by the system) via a letter

mailed to the home. The letter includes name, address, date and time of the violation, toll

plaza where the violation occurred, and a picture of the rear of the car passing

through the toll plaza.

 Can be used at airport and other state-operated parking facilities for short term (<

24 hours) or long term (two or more days).

For the future, the following new features have been requested by customers and

legislated by the state and must be developed.

 Support for nearly 3000 miles of highways.

 Compute the average speed between two consecutive toll plazas and notify

highway patrol or county sheriff if excessive average speed.

 Detect if a customer has made a “U” turn in the median and notify law


 Allow a maximum of 6 transponders to be associated with a single account

(“Family plan”)

 Allow rental car companies to provide transponders to customers and have the

the system directly bills the customer’s credit card while they are renting the car.

Report traffic conditions based upon the volume of vehicles and speed of traffic

through SunPass lanes to 511 traffic services and local radio stations.

 The ability for Theme parks (ie. Disney World, Bush Gardens, Seaworld, etc…) to

contract with SunPass to collect parking fees.

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