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Watch the video and answer the questions, it is about the anthropology:

The race is an enduring concept in U.S. cultural politics, and "multiracial" identity is a growing but controversial category of identification. The selection explores the history of race and the rise of multiracial identity in the United States.

Instructions: Submit your answers to the questions below as directed by your instructor.

1. What do you check on census forms or other surveys of racial identity? Do you check more than one, or even "other"?
2. If "race" is based on a false biological distinction, why does it still matter in U.S. society?
3. How does the rule of hypodescent, or "one-drop rule," complicate the movement to establish a category for multiracial identity in the United States?
4. Does the idea of a multiracial identity destabilize the ideology of race, or does it further emphasize the notion of "race" as a biological category?

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