The Courage to Act

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This is economic writing

See the attachment file and follow the instruction.

You should use MLA or APA style format.

Pleaseplease write clearly!

Here is instruction:

Write a paper in which you analyze the arguments made in The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and its Aftermath by Ben Bernanke, former Fed chairman. Bernanke’s memoir was written in the aftermath of the Great Recession and the financial crisis that precipitated it. What, according to Bernanke were the important factors precipitating the crisis? What steps were taken by the Fed and other agencies to deal with its aftermath? What reforms of the financial system have been enacted to prevent future such crises? Should we have confidence that the U.S. and global financial systems are now on a sound basis for the foreseeable future?

Write about 12 pages

You should use the book The Courage to Act: A memoir of a crisis and its aftermath by ber Bernanke source, and you should at least 5 more academic article.

So you should use total of at least 6 sources.

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