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Remember that each body paragraph you write should have a strong topic sentence

that relates back to your original thesis statement.

Consider in detail how the persuasive texts you choose generate meanings and make specific


1. It makes a specific statement using pictures of trees and text in the ad itself. 

2. It has a bolded title that grabs your attention and more specific details underneath.

3. The landscape the trees grab the attention of the audience.

Your job is to interpret and evaluate your example of persuasion in terms of its significance

1. The ad's persuasion is geared towards the environment. 

2. The ad is saying that if you buy this car you will be able to travel and do things that you want to do.

3. This ad also uses visuals like to wilderness to show its environmently friendly. 

4. This ad also relies heavily on images of trees and sky. The reader does not see the typical city

landscape that might be found in other car ads. This ad is going against the traditional image of a car ad.

its effects upon you and others

1. The ad appeals to mostly to pathos in that the car appeals to a person's emotions when it asks them to

perserve the environment. The ad implies that if you do not buy this car you will be harming the


2. The ad also appeals to logos in the small text of the ad. It gives some specific facts about the MPG the

car can achieve. This appeals to logic by using facts to convince the viewer to purchase this car.

and its political, social, cultural, and/or ethical implications.

1. This ad has many social and ethical implications. It imples that if the viewer does not purchase this car

they will harm the environment. The ad implies that other cars that can "go all the way to the environemnt"

will harm the eco system, but this car will not. In other words, other off road vehicles will cause damage to

the environment. 

2. In a way this advertisement is contridicting itself in terms of being "eco-friendly" but still uses gas when

the eletric side is out of charge.

Although these ads argue their point and achieve many different goals, they mainly appeal to the viewers


Thesis: Although these ads accomplish many different tasks, analyzing the statements these ads make

and evaluating their significance reveals the way they appeal to the viewers emotions and logic as well as

their political and cultural implications.

Body Paragraph #1: Analyzing the statements the ads make and their significance

Body Paragraph #2: Appealing to the viwers emotions

Body Paragraph #3: Appealing to the viewers logic

Body Paragraph #4: Cultural and political implications

Conclusion: Restate all your main points. Restate your thesis in different words.

Topic Sentence: Start with a sentence that relates back to the point in your thesis

Narrow the topic: Give one sentence that narrows the topic a little

Example: give an example from the ad. Something specifc that helps to prove your point

Explain the example: explain how the example supports your point about appealing to logic or emotions

or whatever

Concluding statement: restate the general idea and transition to the next paragraph

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