Philosophy Statement connected to professional standards



Assignment 1B 

Philosophy Statement connected to professional standards 

Students will write a personal philosophy relevant to working as a teacher in early childhood education (0-8 years). The personal philosophy should identify: 

• understandings and beliefs about young children and how theylearn 

• understandings and beliefs about effective pedagogies for the earlyyears

• understandings and beliefs about ethical and professional roles and responsibilities of the early childhood teacher. 

Statements of belief will be written about each of the above. Each statement of belief should be followed by a discussion, which draws on evidence from literature to explain the ideas, and supports your statement. The belief statement and discussion should then culminate in statement about practice. It is expected that the statement of practice synthesizes your belief and the discussion into strategies that would be used by an early childhood teacher. These strategies should link through to the AITSL professional standards, as well as make reference to ACECQA standards where relevant. 

Due date: 23/04/2021 11:59 pm via turnitin 

Weighting: 40% 

Length and/or format: 500 - 800 words 

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to articulate a personal vision for pedagogy and early childhood curriculum decision-making that critically reflects on ethical and professional roles and responsibilities of the early childhood teacher. 

Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2. 

How to submit: Via turnitin 

Return of assignment: With in 3 weeks, via turnitin 

Assessment criteria: See rubric in appendix

I have attached the unit outline for more information and for the rubric

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