Present your thoughts as a Web page report

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F19 ITEC1010 Assignment #1 Due: Oct. 2, 11 PM. • Submit via upload link at the top portion of the course site. Be sure to use the correct section link. • No Late Submissions accepted and incorrect section upload will not be marked. The upload link will shut down precisely at 11 PM – No exceptions. Task: 1. Access and read the Altitude Online case and present your thoughts on the 2-part issues for consideration below in the context of Stair and Reynolds, Chapter 1 and the lecture. 2. Present your thoughts as a Web page report. 3. Code the report content in HTML 4.0/01 using the testpage.html template as a starting point. Focus first on your answers (each answer may be a paragraph or two) then on their presentation. Include examples of required elements listed below. Ensure that the page elements are logically and sensibly applied to your presentation and that they are contained in tags that are appropriate for the nature and structure of the content. Important: • For this assignment code using a plain text editor only; use of a code generator of any kind will automatically result in a mark of zero. • By now you should have a folder named itec1010 and two subfolders named a1 and images in your machine. Save your html file to the a1 folder; image file(s) to the images folder. • Save the document with filename as your full name and proper file extension, e.g., peggy_carter.html. • Embedded/inline image(s) should be optimized for web pages and locally referenced using relative path specifications only. • Ensure that formatting choices you make allow readers to clearly view the content: Do not use background color/image that obscure the content in any way. 4. Validate your HTML codes at: • Review HTML Basics slides 48 - 53. • Use: Validate by File Upload option. • Repair all errors as necessary manually to pass validation – Do not use correction software. • Once a “Pass” (the green banner) is returned, copy the validation link/icon codes and paste to your page just before the body is closed. (Rechecking everything again to ensure success is strongly recommended.)

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