Primary sources are sources created in the historical period and by historical actors themselves.



Due: November 15 Primary sources are sources created in the historical period and by historical actors themselves. You have seen primary sources before; we have used several so far in the course. For this assignment, you will complete one primary source analysis from the choices available on LaunchPad from Chapters 2-6. You must write on one of the options; failure to do so will result in a zero for the assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a primary source. Your goal is to analyze the source or source excerpt as deeply and as thoroughly as possible. Do not simply provide a general summary or overview of the source. Think concretely and critically about its content, its historical context, and the historical cultural values that shape it, and its relevance to the course. Please refer to your textbook, A Student’s Guide to History, for more information including what a primary source analysis is, how to begin your research, and how to organize your thoughts. It will be expected that outside research is completed. At least two secondary sources must be used to complete your primary source analysis. The late assignment policy is found in the course syllabus. Starting your Primary Source Analysis: A primary source is something from the time and place you are studying. To analyze a primary source historically, you need to demonstrate an understanding of the following: 1. Context: the historical situation in which the primary source was produced. 2. Content: the major point or meaning of the primary source in it historical context. This can differ significantly from what the primary source may appear to mean to the modern observer. 3. Consequences: the effects or significance of a primary source in history. Structure of the Primary Source Analysis: The review must be in essay form. Your essay must be a polished piece of writing. I will grade for both content and style (see Primary Source Grading Rubric on the Moodle site). 1. Length: This review should be 3-4 pages in length (no more than 1200 words), excluding the cover page and the bibliography. 2. Format: The review should contain the following: a. Introduction – focusing on the primary source, give a brief description of the historical period that the analysis will address. b. Thesis – what you intend to argue; your “answer”. This is what you will try to prove in the body of your review. c. Evidence – the review should consist of evidential paragraphs. Each paragraph must support the thesis. d. Conclusion – a restatement of the argument which restates your thesis, refined in the light of evidence you have presented. e. Bibliography Remember: You must use proper citations in the proper format – only Chicago style is accepted. If you use APA or MLA, you will lose a minimum of 10%. If your paper does not have a bibliography or citations, your paper will automatically receive a grade of “F”.

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