Principles of Distributed Database Systems (Solved)

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Textbook: Principles of Distributed Database Systems 3rd edition ,M. Tamer Ozsu

Project A

Describe a multi-location multi- database application that is similar to for example Amazon, e-bay etc. that solves a problem for a client. The hypothetical client of yours may need for example a web- shop similar to Amazon to sell books and few other articles (for the simplicity limit the number of articles to 20 or 30) within Turkey  and northern Europe. The choice of the application is yours, but it must be able to explore the distributed data and application concepts you have covered in the  textbook. A top down approach to design the system taking into account:

a.       Distributed Directory Management

b.      Distributed Query Processing

c.       Distributed Concurrency Control

d.      Distributed Deadlock Management

e.      Reliability of Distributed DBMS

f.        Replication

g.       Relationship among Problems

Take into consideration providing cost models and calculations to justify the design and models to the technical staff of the client’s organization.

1.       Provide the description of the problem and its list of requirements that must represent enough complexity so that you will need the implementation of a distributed database management system to support the applications at different sites.

2.       Provide the description of the applications’ web-based user interaction using story-boards (user interfaces or user screens) so that a user will be able to understand your solution, and your client will be able to approve the solution by examining and going through according to his/her requirements. This description must take into consideration:

a.   Level of sharing

b.   Behavior of access patterns

c.   Level of knowledge on access pattern behavior


3.       Provide the high-level network model as in the figure 1.5 (text book) to improve the understandability.

4.       Provide the representation of your distributed DBMS and justify your choice and technical specifications of the systems including the communication network that will be necessary for implementing the solution you propose.

5.       Provide the relational local schema as well as the global schema for your client’s problem, also don’t forget to include some instances, and take care that the relation schemas are normalized.

Keep in mind to take into account the design issues given above.

6.       Provide the top down design approach taking into consideration distribution design issues:

a.        Reasons for Fragmentation

b.       Fragmentation Alternatives

c.        Degree of Fragmentation

d.       Correctness Rules of Fragmentation

e.        Allocation Alternatives

f.         Information Requirements

Using the cost model calculations and interpretations given in the text book make the cost calculations to justify the reliability of performance of your design. (For calculations only -use

a large number of tuples in your tables – because it’s easy to show the feasibility of your approach).

7.     Provide an overview of database integration, and how you have taken care of the data and access control.

8.     Provide examples of user query processing for the problem of your client and give the explanation you would provide for the client on

– How the user interfaces work according to the clients problem and requirements you described in the beginning.

-     taking into consideration the

a.        query decomposition

b.       data localization

c.        optimization of distributed queries

d.       processing of multi database queries

9.     Provide the transaction management and requirements and couple the discussion to the selected architecture model and describe it in order to make the clients’ technical team understand your knowledge and solution.

10.  Describe your concurrency control model and how you handle the dead lock controls during multi-user access.

11.  Justify the distributed DBMS solutions reliability by explaining how it works.

12.  Provide the justification for the data replication strategy with the approach you have introduced.



When you are making the report of the Project A part – Please use the same numbering 1 - 12 as given above when replying to those requirements.


Project B

Implementation of the Distributed Data Base System and Application you have proposed to your client that you theoretically proved - that it works in the project A.



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