Prior to listening to the podcast



Prior to listening to the podcast, on a piece of paper, jot down a few things you already know about the topic the podcast is about. Next, listen to the podcast and make notes about the topics that are addressed on your piece of paper. Once the podcast is finished, you should be able to summarize the podcast based off of your notes. While listening to the podcast, make notes about your reaction(s) to the program. If you feel “stuck” and don’t know how to evaluate your reactions, consider the following questions: Did the program change your understanding of the topic? If so, what changed? Did the program provoke new questions about the topic? What are these questions? Was the information presented in the program consistent (or inconsistent) with your understanding of the topic? What was the most surprising thing you learned? How can the information from the program be applied to your own life? (You DO NOT have to answer all of these questions—they are provided as prompts to aid you in the writing process.)

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