Privacy laws are in a near constant state of flux



1) Privacy laws are in a near constant state of flux. Conduct research to identify the current state of privacy law. Has any major legislation recently been proposed or approved? What are the implications for firms operating in effected industries? What are the potential benefits to consumers? Do consumers lose anything from this legislation? Include the urls of your sources.

 2) Do any of the products that you use leverage artificial intelligence? What kinds of AI might be used in Netflix's movie recommendation system, Apple's iTunes Genius playlist builder, or Amazon's Web site personalization? Conduct research online, if necessary, to answer this question. Include the urls of your sources. 

 3) Think about the data that is collected by the information system you are analyzing this semester. In what ways can those data assets be leveraged to provide business intelligence that could give your organization a competitive advantage over their rivals? (If you don't think your organization has rivals or competitors, consider the fact that they have to stay effective and productive if they want to remain operational). If you are analyzing a personal web-based information system, you may want to consider if the collected data gives the company who created and maintains the system a competitive advantage over their rivals, rather than considering the question from the perspective of the user of the system.

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