discussed a number of sources of American law



#1: This chapter discussed a number of sources of American law. Which source of law takes priority ineach of the following situations, and why? a. A federal statue conflicts with the U.S. Constitutionb. A federal statue conflicts with a state statutec. A state statute conflicts with the common law of that stated. A state constitutional amendment conflicts with the U.S. Con-stitutione. A federal administrative regulation conflicts with a state constitution #2: Suppose the State of Georgia enacts a law requiring the use of contoured rear-fender mudguards on trucks and trailers operating within its state lines. The statute further makes it illegal for trucks and trailers to use straight mudguards. In thirty five other states, straight mudguards are legal. Moreover,in the neighboring state of Florida, straight mudguards are explicitly required by law. There is some evidence suggesting that contoured mudguards might be a little safer than straight mudguards. Discuss whether the Georgia statute would violate the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution, and presentarguments supporting and contradicting a constitutional challenge.

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