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Single spaced, 1 inch margins (sides AND top/bottom), 12 point Times New Roman font, no broad indentation of text (just your normal indentation at the beginning of a formal paragraph). Your header should look exactly like mine above. There should also be only space between your header and the beginning of your assignment.

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1. For each of the following statements/questions, identify the unit of analysis, independent variable, and dependent variable. (Just identify each. Explanation is not required)

a. Boys whose parents are divorced or separated have more behavior problems than boys living with both biological parents

b. The number of sexually explicit magazines sold in each of the fifty states is positively correlated with the number of reported rapes.

c. Residents of rural communities are less tolerant of people holding non-traditional views than urban residents

d. How does the level of economic development in a country affect the level of human services provided to its people?

2. In a campus survey, a researcher finds a statistically significant correlation of -.22 between frequency of exercise and depression among a representative sample of students at the U of A. Put differently, the more a student exercised, the less depressed they reported feeling. Using this data can the researcher conclude that lack of exercise is one cause of depression? Why or why not? Now explain in detail how gender might gender a spurious association between frequency of exercise and depression. (Answer must be longer than eight complete sentences) 

3.Identify, and briefly justify (2-3 sentences) whether each of the following scenarios is an example of poor measurement reliability or validity. (Make note of which type of validity is at issue)

a. You step on a scale three separate times with minimal pause in between. You get three readings: 150 lbs, 157 lbs, and 148 lbs.

b. You construct an exam in order to test the aptitude and ability of applicants wishing to work at your factory, which produces infrared cameras. Each applicant takes a slightly different version of the test three times. The results yield a series of related scores for each individual (i.e. each person roughly scores the same on each of their three attempts). You decide to hire the 10 people with the highest average scores. Unfortunately these ten people end up being extraordinarily terrible at their jobs and you are forced to order a recall of your product.

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