Process Improvement Project assignment help



Planning and Implementation

1. Identify which methodologies and strategies you will implement to meet your goals.

Provide rationale for why you did not select some of the other methodologies and


The following are methodologies and strategies to implement to meet the company’s goals;

Analysing the Organization. Firstly, examine the resources, liabilities, capabilities, strengths,

and weaknesses. Fact is that it is much cheaper to achieve your objectives when the strategy uses

the strengths without exposing your weaknesses.

Analysing the Environment. Now I need to study my current working environment to predict

where things are moving. Are there exciting chances that you should carry on?

Analysing Customers and Stakeholders. My strategy defines how I will win, and winning is

typically framed by how well you satisfy my customers. For-profit companies must keep their

customers and shareholders happy.

Analysing Competitors. In customary revenue driven organization, you should see how your

items contrast and contenders' items, and what your rivals' abilities are. How easy, or difficult, is

it to enter your market? What alternatives do customers have? Non-profits, departmental teams

and projects have competitors too. Therefore, you must prove that you can add value Add to My

Personal Learning Plan, meet objectives, and contribute to organizational success.

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