Professionalism-Skills for workplace success



Reflection paper: Professionalism-Skills for workplace success

Question 1: How has this class enhanced your knowledge of professionalism in the business world?

Question 2: How can this knowledge be applied to your specific work situation (present if employed, or future if not employed), your everyday life, and other classes?

Use information from the following topic to discuss in the essay:

  • Attitude, goal setting, and life management
  • Personal financial management
  • Time and stress management and organization skills
  • Etiquette/ dress
  • Ethics, politics, and diversity
  • Accountability and workplace relationships
  • Quality organizations and service
  • Human resources and policies
  • Communication
  • Electronic communications
  • Motivation, leadership, and teams
  • Conflict and negotiation
  • Job search skills
  • Resume package
  • Interview techniques
  • Career changes
  • Cover page
  • Work cited page
  • 3-4 pages

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