Proffiosanal Formattingm Grammar, Comprehensiveness, Accuracy. References and Appendices.



Writing a report of data visualization project:

For the python code:
- organize the layout,
- before each graph writ a question that is answered by the graph
- make a clear interpretation under each figure.
- Make any changes if needed, to make the project clear.
- checking grouping age,
-make grouping for monthly income
- add the same visualization for JobLevel, and what does it mean?

for the report:
- Try to find more information about the dataset; I attached a document that might help.
- justify clear questions of the findings as a problem statement.
- start with

Are employees leaving because they are poorly paid?

The last graph.

- Attrition, Gender, Department, Age overall to understand more about the data.
- work on the document attached "employee attrition report."
- I have selected - OverTime, TotatWorkingYear, JobLevel, MonthlyIncome, MaritalStatus, YearswithCurrentManger, BusinessTravel. from literature review ", Predicting Employee Attrition using Machine Learning paper which they consider these top factors - attached.
- represent the result in the table.
- add Appendix for python code.

Proffiosanal Formattingm Grammar, Comprehensiveness, Accuracy. References and Appendices.


find this link to get more idea :

The data is from :

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