Psychoanalytic Learning Theory



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·         A terrorist blows up a public bus filled with people from a vilified country. How might Freud use the concepts of id, ego, and superego to explain the behavior of this terrorist?


·         Give an example from real life or from fiction of a person who adopts a negative identity, rather than deal with the turmoil of identity confusion


·         Describe the evolutionary explanation of social behaviors such as altruism and aggression


·         Explain the difference between a primary and a secondary reinforcer and give examples of both


·         According to Bandura, the effectiveness of a reinforcer will depend on one’s conscious expectations. Additionally, observational learning can change the effectiveness of a reinforcer. Give examples to support these statements


·         Use an example to illustrate the difference between criticizing a child’s undesirable behavior and using conditional positive regard


·         Choose one of the theories we have discussed this term (Psychoanalytic Learning Theory)and evaluate it according to the criteria of what represents a good scientific theory 

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