Public Policy Process



The purpose of the research paper is to take one consumer or community policy through the public policy process (i.e. vitamins, obesity, pollution). This is a research paper so plan on doing plenty of research.  Needs to have at least 6 sources, use only reputable sources.  Please cite.

Questions to be answered throughout the research paper. 

Why is this issue important?

Has there been a policy response to this issue?

Who is affected by this issue most?

Who is on either side of this issue?

What are the possible solutions to this issue?

What stage of the public policy process is this issue?

Many times the issue will have opposing sides as to the solution to the problem.  Please try to present both sides well, trying to keep your bias out of the paper.  This is a research paper, not an opinion piece.  Avoid using the first person in your research paper

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