R programming, use data package: The data used in this project were obtained via Wooldrige package:gpa2



  1. R programming, use data package: The data used in this project were obtained via Wooldrige package:gpa2
  2. I have attached the template of the project and an example to refer 
  3. You have to submit  Rmd file, this one has to show your code.  You also need to submit your Rmd document. I will only grade the HTML documents because this ensures your code runs.  But I also need you to submit your Rmd file as a supporting document. DO NOT SUBMIT ONLY YOUR RMD FILE -- THIS WON'T BE GRADED, but it is required as supporting document.
  4. The HTML document with code is required to evaluate your coding skills -- but the final output is a document without code so that your whole project is cohesive and looks like a research paper where all the analysis, tables and graphs are self-contained and explained without the use of code.  In the template I have added the code_folding: hide line in the YAML so that your code can be hidden and shown automatically in the html. 
  5. Your document should contain your code and output.
  6. Your code should be sufficiently commented so you show that you know what you are doing in R. You don't need to explain every line, but you need to show you know what you are doing and why. This goes in the comments of your code, not the content of the text.
  7. See the outline of the sections of your project below.  See the rmd or html template for further reference.
  8. The use of external data and results from related literature are required in your project to support your hypothesis and/or results.
  9. Presentation is an important part of your grade. Your document should look neat and be self-contained that if you hide your code the reader can still understand everything.
  10.  I have included examples of projects from previous semesters with a CAVEAT: these projects were very different and have different requirements than the ones this year. For example, at that time, students didn't use Wooldridge data, and there was no external data or literature review requirement. You may take a look at them and use them as examples of style and execution, but do not use them as templates for content or try to replicate what is done there in your project.

 -These are examples so you have an idea of the sections that you could create, and content/packages that you could have in your project.

-I expect that you do as much as you can to show me your knowledge of R and your discretion about when and how to use the code.

-I also expect that you show me your skills for programing on your own, and figuring out the manipulation that you need to accomplish your analytical goals. That means making decisions about packages and functions to use.

-I expect that you go a somewhat beyond what you learned in class, and show me that you are able to figure out things on your own – new code with functions or packages that we didn’t learn in class are expected.


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