Review paper of this pdf file on topic planned chaos (Solved)



I want a a review paper of this pdf file on topic planned chaos. The paper length should be around three pages in word document typed in times new roman styles with size 12.
The purpose of this paper is to introduce you to an understanding of the various aspects of a free economy as distinct from a centrally controlled economy. There are degrees of central control. Attention should be paid to the implications for individual liberty, market innovation, market structure, social welfare as measured by economic welfare.
Things to be considered are
  • Your paper should focus on your critical assessment of the argument or central theme of the author.

  • You must support your agreements or disagreements with the author with cogent arguments of your own. If you don’t know what ‘cogent’ means, look it up.

  • I expect you to use outside sources to support your arguments and use proper paper and citation format as noted in the common format used by the university. Find it on the internet.

  • This pamphlet is only 43 pages in length. It should not be a book report. Such a paper will get no points. This assignment is focused on your ability to read an argument, assess that argument as to strengths and weaknesses and to formulate alternative arguments where appropriate. This is an attempt to assess your ability to think critically.

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