Read and understand simple French passages on familiar and cultural topics.



Culture project –

 Instructions Course Outcomes: 

3. Read and understand simple French passages on familiar and cultural topics. 

4. Write short paragraphs using vocabulary and grammar studied in course 

6. Demonstrate an awareness of language and cultural differences among various French-speaking people in personal and professional communication.

Unit Outcomes: 

4.4 Appreciate the importance of world events such as the Tour de France 

5.1 Name French countries visited or wishing to visit. 

5.3 Identify and describe an admired famous athlete. 

6.15 Compare people and their activities 

7.1 Compare various French families and communities

Goal: To gather, analyze and share information on francophone countries, so that students may gain a heightened awareness of the inexorably interconnectedness between language and culture. 

Responsibility: Group Assignment – 2 students maximum. The group will select and research a francophone country and present written and oral reports which address the specific topics listed below. The report and presentation will reflect a shared, balanced and equitable contribution by each member of the group. While your presentation should present a summary of your information, your written report should show evidence of more in-depth research and detail (see rubric). 

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