Reducing the prevalence of hypertension in West Virginia

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TOPIC: Reducing the prevalence of hypertension in West Virginia

TARGET COMMUNITY: Adults living in Mingo, Putnam, Taylor and Wayne counties in West Virginia

PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEM: Over 40% of West Virginia adults have been told by a health care

professional that they have hypertension which ranked second highest nationally. Hypertension is one

of the leading preventable causes of death. It’s known as the silent killer because it usually doesn’t have

any symptoms

PROGRAM PLANNING MODEL: an Intervention mapping


1- Discussion 1: Program Development: Objectives, Goals, Mission, and Community Involvement

By Day 5, post your assessment of whether or not you expect the identified stakeholders will

have difficulty setting program goals and explain why. Identify additional stakeholders that

should be involved in the planning process and explain why you chose them. Describe the

collaboration strategies you would use to avoid turf struggles and ensure that all stakeholders

have a sense of ownership over the program. Explain why these strategies would work.

2- Project Support Area (Health Promotion Program Proposal)By Day 10, post an update on the

the progress you are making on your Health Promotion Program Proposal. Topics for discussion

include methods used to assess the health needs of your chosen community, how to program

stakeholders were identified, collaboration strategies you propose, and program goals and



3- By Day 3 of Week 7, post a final update on your Health Promotion Program Proposal. Topics for

discussion includes an explanation of the analysis conducted in order to select your chosen

behavioral theory, intervention strategy, and program activity

Health Promotion Program Proposal

Obtaining the funding and/or approval to develop a program is often dependent upon one’s ability to

clearly articulate each element of the proposed program. Proposing a health promotion program

requires a well-thought-out plan that clearly identifies the health condition, target population, and

anticipated activities.

Modules 2, 3, and 4 have covered the steps for planning and designing a health promotion program. For

this Assignment, you will submit a proposal for the health promotion program you have been developing

that meets a health need for a specific community.

12- to 15-page proposal (double- spaced, Times New Roman font):

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