The book Celia A Slave by Melton A. Mclaurin

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I need a tutor who was read the book Celia A Slave by Melton A. Mclaurin to answer the following questions to help me further understand my readings.

In the introduction, the author states that the case of

Celia “reminds us that the personal and the political are never totally separate entities.” Explain what the author means by this statement.  Also, use your sociological imagination to explain the historical, political, and economic landscape of America and Missouri during Celia’s relatively short life. How did Celia legal defense challenge the institution of slavery? Ultimately, how was Celia viewed in the eyes of the court and why? Explain the gender and power dynamics of the Celia case. How did the institution of slavery uphold white elite male patriarchy? 
If needed here is a link to some of the chapters of the book for reference.

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