Renaissance Period Pictures assignment help



IT IS A HISTORY OF WESTERN ART SUBJECT. Only people who understands Arts and especially Renaissance and Nineteenth century periods needed.

About the project. I have two assignments. Each of them include two pictures which you have to compare and contrast(more details in the document I attached).

Need the full work and followed rules in the document which called "Two museum paper assignments". 

Which pictures assignments include:

1 assignment Renaissance period two pictures: Georg Pencz "A Sleeping Woman" 1544       vs.     Jacopo da Ponte "The Flight into Egypt" 1544-1545

2 assignment Nineteenth century period two pictures: Claud Monet "The Artist's Garden at Vetheuil" 1881    vs.      Camille Pissarro "Landscape with Flock of Sheep" 1889

I need two separate documents for assignment 1 and assignment 2. Need a really quality work and full. Have 15 hours for these and will be glad to answer if you have any questions. All files pictures and the main document provided.

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