Research Synthesis and Analysis assignment help




Write a Research Synthesis and Analysis paper on the following topics:

  • Browser attacks and protection
  • Network intrusion prevention, detection and event analytics
  1. Identify the major issues, problems, and solutions based on the authoritative research articles you have selected for the topic. Articles can be from virtual classroom readings or from your own research.
  2. Provide original analysis and Ideas based on your own critical thinking of the issues or your own professional experience
  3. Research Article Citations: Write a complete and correct citation for the articles using APA format.

Assignment Guidelines

For each topic, use the following guide to structure your paper:

Research Review Structure:

Submission Guidelines

· Format: Word or PDF

· Include your name and use APA guidelines for paper format.

· Include in-text citations and references in APA format

· Length: 8-12 double spaced pages (Note: No penalty for exceeding length. Original thinking and analysis presented professionally is more important than length)

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