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Choose the topic of Resource Allocation/Organ. It has been uploaded in the powerpoint

slides. Imagine that you are on a National Ethics Board and you have been charged

with creating a list of ten rules - a sort of "Ten Commandments" that must be followed in

dealing with this issue.  First write down your list.  Then, include a short justification (a

sentence) for each one of your rules.

I am specifically looking for evidence of strong critical thinking.  Be careful not to repeat

or contradict yourselves when coming up with these rules. Write your exam in the box

that comes up.  Please number each rule and each justification clearly with a number

from 1 - 10.  Do not write a paragraph.  

For example:  Rule 1:  You should not lie

                       Just 1:  Lying breaks the social contract that humans have with each

other.  It erodes trust because if I don't think others

                                   deserve to hear the truth from me and it's okay for me to

manipulate them, others will feel the same way and this

                                    leads to a breakdown in society

                        Rule 2:  Write down the specific rule

                        Just 2:  Explain why this rule is important

                        Etc. Etc.

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