Assignment Social Service Worker Program

social sciences


Objective:  To demonstrate the student’s ability in applying social work theory to case studies. 


Method:  Each student will interview someone who is interested in making a change in their life or, is currently engaged in making a change in their life.  The student will develop a plan of action using a strengths-based assessment.  In addition, the student will choose one of the theories of intervention discussed in module 3 and assess how this theory can be used with their case study.


Format: Students MUST use a report format with subheadings. Papers that do not have use sub-headings will be returned to the student to be corrected, and the late penalty will be applied.


Referencing: The paper must be written in APA style.

-Even though material is put into the writer’s own words, all ideas that are not their own must be referenced using both in-text citations and a reference page. Failure to reference is considered plagiarism, and the College policy will be applied.


-          Any assignment that does not have in-text citations or a reference page will be considered plagiarized and will be given a zero under the College policy.

-          Any assignment that has a reference page, but either no, or insufficient in-text citations will be returned to the student for correction and the late penalty will apply. 

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