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General Guidelines:

  •  Assessment 3 for HRMT20024 must be submitted through Moodle site through the Student

 Failure to submit electronically will be taken as a failure to submit and therefore a zero (0)

the score will apply to the specific assignment.

  •  Please submit your assignments early and DO NOT wait for the last minute. It is your

responsibility to ensure that the assignment is submitted on time.

  •  Please note that any assignment submitted as a draft will be automatically submitted for marking

after the due date and time.

Late Penalty:

  •  Late submission without prior approval will result in a penalty of five percent (5%) of the

total marks allocated for the assessment (i.e. 45*5% = 2.25 marks) for each calendar day of


Assessment Extension:

  •  Students must submit their requests for extension of assignment submission date through the

CQU system (“Assessment Extension Request” under the “Support” block of the Moodle site).

No email or telephone request will be accepted.

  •  Requests for the extension will NOT be approved without relevant supporting documents (e.g. a

medical certificate showing the issue date, recommended the number of days off work and the

doctor’s contact details, etc.).

  •  All requests MUST be applied at least 48 hours prior to the due time (only for Assessments 2

and 3).

  •  Extension requests without supporting documents and those applied less than 48 hours before

the due time will NOT be granted.


Policies and Procedures for Assessment:

  •  Students may familiarise themselves with the following policies and procedures

Assessment and examination policy and procedures, Assessment of

Coursework Policy, Assessment of Coursework Principles and Assessment of Coursework


  • Assignment preparation and presentation guide for students available at

  •  Guide for APA style of referencing is available at
  •  Information on assignment submission extensions, assessment grading, and plagiarism is

NOTE: Copy detection software (TurnitIn) is used in this course and work found in contravention

of the copying and plagiarism rules will be investigated. Penalties apply in the case of proven

instances of copying, plagiarism and academic dishonesty. For more details about the penalty,

refer to the marking criteria for each assessment task

Please check the following links to know more about

TurnitIn is only a tool and judgment needs to be used when you view your Originality Report.

TurnitIn does not make a judgment as to what is referenced properly, it highlights the non-

original material in a piece of work. You should use the similarity score as a guide only and must

then check the originality report to determine whether or not changes need to be made to the

assignment. You may have unwillingly forgotten to reference a quote or you may need to consider

paraphrasing if the amount of quoted material is too high.

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