Robot should be controlled by the given voice commands from the phone



1.     Voice controlled robot using Arduino

                Robot should be controlled by the given voice commands from the phone. The voice is transferred from the mobile phone application to the Bluetooth module connected to the Arduino. Based on the commands for ex: If we say “10 forward” the robot should move 10 centimetres forward.


Required Components:

1.       Arduino UNO with cable

2.       Bluetooth HC-05

3.       L293D motor driver

4.       Two-wheel robot chassis

5.       Two dc motors

6.       jumper wires

7.       mini breadboard

8.       9v battery (power bank)

9.       2 Battery clip connectors (1 connector must be suitable with dc jack on arduino)

10.   Speed sensor with encoder wheel


2.     IoT controlled smart home

                         Setup a Google assistant applet from IFTTT to trigger a web request which will update a field in ThingSpeak cloud. Then read the data from ThingSpeak cloud using arduino to control the appliances in your home from anywhere in the world.

Ex:- From your mobile phone, if you say- “ok google” Turn on the light” from anywhere, it should turn on the light in your home.


Required Components:

1)      Arduino Uno with cable

2)      Esp8266(Wi-Fi module)

3)      5v Relay two channel

4)      230v bulb along with holder

5)      Wires

6)      Jumper cables

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