Scenario River Bear Tours, a local tour and fishing guide company, would like to track the following:

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Scenario River Bear Tours, a local tour and fishing guide company, would like to track the following: 

 River Bear has three boats, the Grizzly, the Brown Bear, and the Black Bear, that take customers on tours. The capacity for each boat is 5 people or 750 pounds. River Bear may acquire additional boats at a later time. 

 River Bear currently offers three tours: the Scenic River Tour, the Hoh River Tour, and the Willapa River Tour. River Bear has a description of each tour that they will provide to you for tracking purposes. 

 Tours are offered only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays departing at 9am and returning at 4pm. 

 River Bear employs guides and each guides serves simultaneously as the boat operator and the guide, i.e. each tour/boat has only one operator-guide. 

 Boat operator-guides are required to hold a valid Washington state driver's license, a valid Washington state fishing guide license, and a current first aid and CPR certificate - each with a valid expiration date. Note that in this system, River Bear will track an operator-guide's name, employee ID, license/certificate information, and an internally used HumanResourcesID, but other contact information will be tracked in a different system. 

 At this point, River Bear simply wants to query schedule details including boat and operator-guide assignments. At this point, it will not track passengers in this system.

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