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Choose and participate in an online social psychology experiment you will find at  Make sure that you choose an experiment that you will be able to relate to some social psychology theory or topic that we learned about in this class.

  • Identify: Report the name of the experiment you participated in and provide a web link to it.  You should also include the name of the experimenter and/or school sponsoring the experiment if it is provided.
  • Experiment Description: Describe the experiment you participated in with appropriate detail (not so much detail that it’s hard to follow, but enough detail that we will understand what you did). Why do you think this experiment was designed the way it was?
  • Connections:   What social psychology theory or topic was involved in this experiment and how is it related to this experiment? Did you learn anything new about yourself and/or social psychology by participating in this experiment?
  • Initial Post: Your initial post should be a well-written demonstration of your understanding of the topics described in the weekly prompt. Your discussion posts give me an indication of your appreciation, understanding, and ability to apply concepts presented in the readings and assignments, so make sure this is clearly conveyed. Make sure that your initial post thoroughly addresses all parts of the discussion topic (partial responses will receive only partial credit); however, you should not simply answer the questions.  You should make sure you include sufficient detail to make your understanding of the concepts clear.  And you must always include a proper APA-style citation when referencing someone else’s ideas (although you should not rely on direct quotes in conferences).  Note:   it is never acceptable to copy and paste information from the internet (even with a reference); your discussion posts must be in your own words.  You must post your initial discussion response before you will be able to view the posts of your classmates. I strongly recommend going back over the discussion instructions after you complete your initial post to ensure that you addressed everything.
  • Writing Quality: Discussions also have points allotted to writing quality (organization, grammar, and spelling), so please treat them as formal writing assignments.

Name your initial discussion post with the name of your chosen experiment. Make sure that your report uses your own words and includes proper APA-style reference citations in the text, as well as a complete APA-style reference list at the end of the report.

When responding to your classmates, compare and contrast the information you learned by participating in your chosen experiment. You could also point out issues with the information they related to their related social psychology theory or topic.

Acceptable responses will fulfill the stated requirements correctly.  Outstanding responses will fulfill these requirements and go beyond in terms of depth of response, a number of classmates responded to, and/or excellence in writing style. Plagiarism from any source (including the internet) will result in a 0 for the assignment and may lead to other significant academic consequences.

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