Familial relationships does not appear to be good with father who suffers from type 1 diabetes and is controlling about everyone’s diet.



34 years old female XYZ, single, no child, lives with her parents, unemployed, masters in biomedical research has background history of Anorexia nervosa and social anxiety disorder.


Current situations:

In the case of the current client, the following points highlight her key issues as recorded during the counselling sessions:

1.      Client was bullied between 5 – 8 years of age by the daughter of her caretaker who was of the same age.

2.      At age 16 she experienced a break in into her house and hid behind he door, causing her to have repeated fearful recollections of the incidents for quite some time.

3.      She broke up with first boy friend in 2012 and then she left her PHd and became restrictive in eating and was diagnosed anorexia nervosa and Her secone relationship was strained because of an abusive and controlling partner, intimacy was painful, relationship had many instances of abuse, post relationship phase was marked by frequent stalking by her ex-partner so she broke up in October 2017 and  her anxiety and depression got worse and she relapsed from anorexia nervosa and  her mother was admitted in hospital in march 2018 and she got promotion in may 2018 so she could not cope and left job in june 2018 because of severe anxiety and panic attacks and flashbacks from PTSD.

4.      Familial relationships does not appear to be good with father who suffers from type 1 diabetes and is controlling about everyone’s diet. Brother does not want to talk about any kind of issues and so relationship is strained.

5.      Client shares good relationship with grandmother who takes care of her nutrition.

6.      Client suffers from acute anorexia nervosa and PTSD, social anxiety disorder and experiences repeated flashbacks and panic attacks whenever a triggering element like memory or reference to above points 2 and 3 are encountered.


Social anxiety (2 years) and Depression for last one year now

Anorexia nervosa (for last 5 years) 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (incidents happened at 16 years of her age and in 2017 she had strained relationship)

Broke up in late 2017 (strained relationship for 6 months)

Mother suffers from arthritis (knee and shoulder in 2019), cardiomyopathy in 2018

Father had triple bypass and was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2010 and? Cognitive decline.

Ongoing arguments in family (parents always argue)

Left job one year ago


History of presenting complains:

XYZ said that she was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa 5 years ago as she was very restrictive in eating. She was eating one fish and 2 wheata bix only and she was seen by eating disorder team in Creds for one year and she felt better and was eating reasonably better so she was discharged. She went through a difficult break up with her partner, and was in fact stalked by him for several months. and She said that her mother ended up in hospital due to cardiomyopathy and electrolytes impairment in March 2018 and she got promotion and she had to interact with people so she started to feel anxious and experienced breathlessness, hard to breath, tightness in chest palpitation, sweeting and felt mentally shut down.  She said that gathering and get together gives her anxiety symptoms. She said that she left her job as she could not cope to interact with people and get into job gives her panic attacks. This followed a difficult relationship breakup, and a traumatic period of stalking by her recently ex-partner over a period of 6 months.  Her GP who prescribed Escitalopram .  XYZ was referred by her GP after a period of restrictive eating and weight loss and she has been attending outpatient by ABC (Psychotherapist).

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