Sociological predictive on Cults



In the introduction, you should clearly state your hypothesis or articulate the question you are going to answer in the main part.
*In the main part of the paper, you develop an argument. While shedding the light on the topic of your interest and developing the argument of discussion do not jump from one concept to another, try to make your narration coherent and consistent (the paragraphs of your papers should be logically connected).

  • In the end, you summarize your findings and draw conclusions.
  • Your voice should be heard throughout the paper. You should explicitly or implicitly convey your opinion on the topic of your discussion.
  • You should document your use of source material carefully and clearly (You may use the citations and reference systems approved both by the APA and ASA).
must include:

ethnocentrism: belief that one's own race or ethnic group is the most important or that some or all aspects of its culture are superior to those of other groups. Due to this idea the observer is already swayed when presented with something because of their background
Zimbardo's conclusions about human behavior and his experiment  (Standford prison)

- people can be conditioned in order to fit in (can and will abuse power if given to the sense of superiority)
- touch on micro-sociology and macro sociology
"Heaven's Gate" religious group: commit mass suicide in their rented mansion in an upscale suburb of San Diego, California

- example: (holocaust ) the officers were put in the position of power (ethnocentric beliefs) because there were put in a position of power (Zimbardo belies)
- example: (KKK) extreme ethnocentric beliefs. others agreed and thought i was right to mistreat abuse because they have money resources and higher gov/ social status (Zimbardo)

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