you will analyze the data on stranger related crimes



you will analyze the data on stranger related crimes. Examine where the increases and decreases occurred over the years. Then using additional external research formulate a conclusion to explain why these increases and/or decreases occurred. Refer to theHarrell research from the Department of Justice for the initial crime data. Instructions:Each assignment response needs to be 500- 1000 words, with APA 6thedition citations and must be written in the third person. Do not write I or we in your paper. If you are stating your opinion you need to use the term “this student.” will need to include the following information: · the original question at the top of the essay · the body of your answer in several paragraphs · A titled reference section that has been formatted according to APA 6th ed style. i.e.References · A minimum of three referencesl academic sources which can include academically based books, journals and government papers being acceptable. Examples of journals include

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