Tall Pines is a moderate sized nursing home in western Canada. It is run by a not-for-profit society with government funding.



Tall Pines is a moderate sized nursing home in western Canada. It is run by a not-for-profit society with government funding.

Altogether about 120 residents live in Tall Pines on three floors. Over half of the residents are 85 years or older. About two thirds of the residents have a moderate or high degree of cognitive impairment from some form of dementia. Almost half of the residents are wheelchair dependent, or unable to walk safely by themselves, and most residents have some long term illness requiring monitoring and treatment. The Health Authority regulates and funds Tall Pines as a ‘complex care’ nursing home in which the residents require high levels of care and supervision. An increasing proportion of residents have behavioural issues, such as wandering into other rooms, refusing care or arguing with other residents.

Staffing levels are approximately at the level recently set by the Ministry of Health. There are two main day shifts for nurses and care staff, as well as a night shift. Over each 24 hour period approximately 35-40 nurses and care staff work over 3 floors combined. Altogether, over 60 nurses and care staff work in the facility in a typical week. This includes permanent care staff who work a set schedule and temporary staff who fill in regularly for sickness and vacation. At least one Registered Nurse (RN) is scheduled for every period although the majority of nurses are Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)

In addition to the care staff, each floor has a part time recreation assistant. Other staff in the facility include a social worker, cooks and kitchen staff, cleaners, a building service worker, laundry staff, receptionists, and an administrative assistant/scheduler.

Care aides and nursing staff are managed by a Care Coordinator while most other staff report to a Service Manager. These managers both report to a ‘Nursing Home Administrator’, who is the senior manager onsite, and the Administrator reports to the Executive Director of the not-for-profit society who is offsite. 

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