The famous leader is Mahatma Gandhi.



Famous Leader paper

My chosen famous leader is Gandhi

This paper is an opportunity for you to reflect on your learning from the course readings and discussions – to apply them to the Leadership Challenge(s) faced by your chosen ‘Famous Leader’. The point of the assignment is to show your instructor that you have a reasonable command of the leadership subject matter and can see its impact in a real-world setting. You need to provide sufficient explanation and documentation to support the points you are making.

Using the University Library resources (Proquest, CINAHL) and reputable websites such as research the life and leadership challenges faced by the ‘Famous Leader’ that you chose for this assignment. Famous Leader are to be pre-approved by the professor.

  • Summarize the leader’s “life story” in two to three paragraphs.
  • Describe one (or more, as appropriate) significant ‘leadership challenges’ that leader faced.
  • Discuss how he/she overcame the challenge(s) by integrating leadership theory.
  • Explain “why” the outcome was important.
  • Finally, conclude with a paragraph or two stating what leadership lessons can be learned. Your paper should be double spaced, a maximum of 7 pages, plus a title page, abstract, and reference page. Headers should be used to clearly identify each section of your paper. APA format is required Critical thinking comprises 70% of the total grade with style/tone, writing, and mechanics making up the remaining 30%.
 I chose Gandhi as my famous leaders. I will also supply you the book we use in class for various theory references 

After finding sufficient biographical information thoroughly read and understand your leader’s background.

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