Software Development Methodologies

computer science


Find 2 relevant per-reviewed journal articles (not blogs) related to the topic of software development methodologies. Both articles must be recent (2012 or later). I suggest you use the electronic databases in the Pearson library.

 Specifically:  Please make sure each article contains a case study and it describes a different software

methodology.  Compare and contrast the 2 articles. Summarize each article in your own words,

lessons learned and analyze similarities and differences in the way that the 2 organizations have used different software methods. Why were different software methods used? What were the outcomes?  Comment on at least 2 other posts. This means that you will have to read other's

articles to make substantial comments. Your comments must be substantial and show you read the other students' articles, reflected on the posting and made connections to your own posting


 Each article should be peer-reviewed (e.g. article has an author and was published in a

journal not older than 2010).  Provide PDF articles (attachment). Please do not solely copy & paste the abstract or

parts of the article. You need to use your own words (I am looking for your own

interpretation of the article). Also, please make sure your post is substantial and is focused on the analysis (as opposed

to simple summary).

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