Design a Network, Network Security and WAN Connectivity.

computer science


The final project is to design a network, network security and WAN connectivity for the

following situation:

Organization of 100 computer users in three locations.

Location one: two buildings, 25 computer users in each building. (50 TOTAL)

Location two: one building, 15 computer users.

Location three: one building 35 computer users.

Document your design as follows:

Introduction to the design Explanation of equipment and software used. (WORD

Diagram of the entire network. (PPT)

Diagrams for each location. (PPT)

Explanation of security procedures. (WORD)

Explanation of WAN connection. (WORD)

Include with your documentation:

1. a PowerPoint presentation of 10 slides illustrating the key points you would convey to

management and users.

2. A MS Word document in APA format. explaining everything, points 1, 4, and 5

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