Solve problems by using Excel modeling (Solved)



Solve the following 8 problems by using Excel modeling. Open a single Excel file, and

create for each problem a separate spreadsheet while giving it a matching name / title.

Clearly, you may and you should check the results before submitting (for your own

relieve) with a financial calculator, or by numerical methodologies and derivations.

Next to your computations add the appropriate notations, the necessary explanations, the

Excel functions, and the corresponding equations .There are 8 problems

in this project, different points to each one (written in brackets next to each problem).

It is required to submit one email with one Excel file containing all models with all solutions.

Please verify that the final answer to each problem is clearly identified (with a special color, a

border, or so), yet the model is as important as the final answer! When it is asked to show

a sensitivity analysis or to demonstrate a relationship between two variables (while

holding everything else constant), the best way is through a graph.

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