Staff Induction Program



Staff Induction

You are to research, develop and write a set of guidelines for an induction program at your

the organisation, an organization with which you are familiar.

Write a final copy of guidelines following format:

Format for guidelines

  •  Title page
  •  Contents
  •  Introduction:
  •  brief organization profile
  •  induction policy statement and objectives.
  •  Induction program:
  •  program outline with session titles, facilitators, location, times, methods of delivery
  •  induction toolkit contents checklist
  •  induction process checklist
  •  evaluation form.
  •  Induction training and support:
  •  objectives based on organizational policy
  •  training tasks
  •  list of staff and methods for training staff
  •  checklists for facilitating training
  •  training evaluation form.
  •  Overseeing of probationary employees:
  •  objectives based on organizational policy
  •  probation procedure
  •  checklist for procedure
  •  probation process evaluation form.
  •  Appendix:
  •  templates
  •  sample documentation
  •  bibliography.

A good example of Induction guideline for reference

Instruction Files

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