Standard Requirements for Assignments

computer science


Standard Requirements for Assignments 

• Submission must be made via Moodle. No other submission method will attract any marks. 

• Submission via email will result in getting ZERO. 

• Follow the directions given by the tutor (Mr. Sionggo). 

• At the top of your code, you will need to specify the version of the programming language that you use. 

• Students are to give batch / make files for compilation. 

• Students are to place all compilation and instructions on how to run the program inside a README.TXT file. The markers will refer to this file when marking. 

• Submission filenames are to be the same as the ones given in the assignment specifications, do not use your own filenames. 

• Plaigarised assignments will receive 0 marks immediately. 

• DO NOT post this assignment to any forum, or else you will receive 0 marks immediately. 

• Penalty for the late assignment is 25% per day.

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