Strategic Issue Digital Marketing in Chemical Industry



Demystifing digital marketing and sales in the chemcial industry

Volkswagen to pay $4.3 billion, six executives indicted in diesel scandal

Shopper store pathway heatmaps identify opportunities

- Each topic write a half of page to a page long critique 

- Focus on sales and retailing strategic issues

The paper should be standard writing assignment format. Paragraph form will suffice, and I am hoping for a commentary on what you thought of the article how it relates to the sales and retailing field and strategic issue management in general. You can have a positive or negative review of the assignment but should highlight what you learned from the article. Also another this can be a personal critique so just how you felt about, reacted, questioned, etc. the article. References are not needed but recommended if can back up your opinion you may include them if you would like.

 Do you understand the requirement ? There are three different topics with link attach below. Each topic write a half of page to a page long critique

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