Strategic Plan Cybercation Café Project



Executive Summary

‘Cybercation’ is a conceptual plan to build and develop an Internet Café that also

provides Education and other supporting services.

The first Cafe will be located in Auckland City. It is then intended to expand the

business by opening a second location in Wellington, then owning, or franchising

to owner/operators Cybercation businesses in locations across New Zealand and


While there are many other Internet café businesses operating, the competitive

advantage of this business is that Internet/email services are just one service to

be offered, other services being;

  •  E-learning packages for industry certification
  •  Testing for industry certification
  •  Training/conference room/s for hire
  •  Photocopy/scanning services
  •  Graphic design and print
  •  Web server and hosting
  •  Other allied services

It is intended to establish a customer loyalty program. The implementation of

this customer loyalty program should secure regular business customers to

entertain clients and to persuade prospective customers to buy and use our

services. It is intended to operate this centrally, and that all customer loyalty

benefits are available to customers at any Cybercation location including those

franchise locations.

Any investment in technology should contribute to the achievement of the

business goals, objectives, and Critical Success Factors. We further wish to put

into operation, a website with capabilities where customers can look up details of

our services, and having the ability to book any of our services, including rooms

for hire, online.

The importance that human resources has within our business, will account for

the skilled staff members that we currently have on board. Each staff member

has all the relevant skills to begin the business and being specialised in their field

of expertise, they can ultimately affect the progression and succession of the

business. Further expert staff will need to be obtained.

This strategic plan will basically show that we are a new business venture with

the potential to succeed and prosper.

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