Support policies and laws that protect individuals who use marijuana for medical purposes

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Article 1

As an Idealist, I would support policies and laws that protect individuals who use

marijuana for medical purposes, from any criminal penalty.  It should be noted that these

laws and policies do not contravene the ideal that usage of marijuana continues to be and

is still an offense as stipulated in the Federal law.  Furthermore, these laws and policies

do not change the process or criteria for the approval of FDA of effective and safe

medications (Merino, 2011).

On the other hand, as a pragmatist, I would support laws and policies that allow

access to marijuana via home cultivation and dispensaries as well as other systems which

are expected to be implemented.  This can be attributed to the fact that these policies and

laws hold that it is only adults of 21 years and above who can be allowed to cultivate and

dispense restricted amounts of marijuana within their homes but not for sale

purposes (Marion & Hill, n.d.).

Article 2


If I was an idealist, one law I would propose would be to make marijuana legal

for recreational purposes in order to reduce the number of inmates in prisons

because of marijuana use. A policy would be to not allow anyone under the age of 18

to buy it and they have to obtain a permit from the government to sell it to others

over the age of 18.  If I was a pragmatist, the kinds of laws and policies I would

support would be ones that benefit the society. One law that I would propose would

be to make marijuana legal to people who are mentally and physically ill. The policies

include a doctor’s note legally proposing a patient’s illness and for an absolute need

for marijuana. Also another law I would propose would be to use the money earned

from taxing marijuana toward public schools. The policy for this would be that the

government gets a small portion of the money, let’s say 10%, for their needs and they

rest would be spread evenly throughout underfunded schools in the United States.

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