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This will be a formal Outline due in Week 5.  It will be the “blueprint” for the argumentative/analytical Term Paper due at the end of class in Week 8.  You pick and then modify any of the Discussion Questions from the 8 weeks.  You must make an argument (take a side), get evidence (from legitimate, mainstream sources), and persuade me of your argument.  It needs to be 2+ pages long (though they can and should be longer), in any standard outline format, and needs to include a thesis, arguments, a conclusion, and a Works Cited section (with at least 6 legitimate, mainstream sources using proper English and a URL if needed); if you miss any of these you will points.  Review the Example under Course Documents.  The Outline should be submitted through Blackboard as a Word file (.doc or .docx); any other format (OpenOffice, WordPerfect, MacWrite, etc.) will be rejected and you will get a 0 (TROY Policy).  Name the files correctly (POL3340_YOURNAME_ASSIGNMENT.DOC i.e. POL3340_Smith_Outline.doc) or you will lose points. 

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